Our practice is an enabler, assisting organisations to align employee action and internal processes to stakeholder expectations and, organisational imperatives.

HR Strategy

We focus on enabling HR in the delivery of enhanced value through effective talent management. A central aspect is developing an appropriate culture with an emphasis on building relevant competencies & capabilities. The result is an infusion of required practices with the goal of ensuring alignment to the overall organisation strategy.

Employee Wellbeing

The environmental challenges and increasing demands of work on employees have affected their mental, physical and emotional health. We assist organisations by providing insights and solutions, equipping managers with the necessary tools and solutions that enable them to consistently perform at optimum levels.


W&C has built a network in providing relevant support for organisations that have a need in recruitment. This positions us to be able to significantly reduce the recruitment process and ensure that hiring is based on the right fit.


A key outcome to organisations in the next normal is the need for greater cost-effectiveness. W&C can support this objective by offering cost-saving services to organisations that enable them to focus on their core competencies. Our end-to-end solutions include Recruitment; HR Administration; Payroll Administration; and Employee Database Management.


By going through the requisite development interventions, the leadership of each organisation is equipped with the requisite skills to provide the necessary leadership capabilities for effective oversight, prudent management, and compliance with internal and regulatory requirements.