Wright & Co Ltd.

Wright & Co Ltd (W&C) is a management consulting firm (affiliated to Leadership & Vision Ltd) providing cutting edge solutions to some of the most complex challenges facing organisations today.
Wright & Co Ltd works with seasoned professionals, thought leaders, and subject matter experts that possess the requisite experience, and deep industry knowledge. The objective is to ensure organisations develop the appropriate skills and attributes to think and act innovatively, deliver exceptional customer experience, and achieve excellent employee engagement levels.
Our interventions provide the tools and platform to exploit growth opportunities to maximize profitability, facilitate innovative service provision, and translate data into strategic insights.


To be the management consulting firm of choice for Africa’s leading companies.


Partnering with our clients to realize their goals through transformational change and sustained improvements. We achieve this by attracting, developing and retaining outstanding people, creating incredible cultures, establishing innovative processes and systems to deliver exceptional customer experience while honouring God.


Excellence; Fairness; Winning Attitude; Innovation; Tenacity; Honouring God

Why Wright & Co

At Wright & Co, our Management Consultants have balance attributes which include:
• Market Knowledge & Capability: This is the application of fact-based knowledge of technical skills, business understanding, sector insight, and external awareness.
• Consulting Competencies: These are the core consultancy skills, tools, and techniques which are essential in delivering consulting services.
• Consulting Skills and Behaviors, and Ethics: – These define the professional skills, behaviours, and attitudes which act as “enablers” in achieving market capability, knowledge and consulting competence.
They establish the level of credibility and trust between the client and the consultant.

Meet Our Leadership Team

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