We believe organisations can harness their vast potentials by building effective teams, achieved through high commitment levels by employees. Our focus areas for this purpose include:

Choose to Make A Difference – 3 days

Unleash! Your Amazing Potential – 3 days

Building Effective Teams- 2 days

Teaming to Make a Difference- 3 days

The Winning Attitude (Motivating the Workforce) - 2 days

Developing Management Skills (Training for First Line Managers) – 5 days

Executive Trainee Induction Programme – (Duration dependent on scope and mandate)

HR For Non-HR Professionals – 2 days

Developing Business Acumen – 3 days

Strategy: Vision Sharing – 3 days

Strategic Thinking and Execution – 2 day

Building and Sustaining Corporate Responsibility–3 days

Management Development Programme- Duration is based on agreed number of modules

Leadership that Gets Results (using the Leadership Pill and Gong Ho! by Ken Blanchard) - 2 days

Employee Wellbeing – Executive Health Programme - 3 days