february, 2021


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The desire for great achievements in both corporate and personal spheres of living has always been best fed through interaction with wiser minds. The Unleash your Amazing Potential seminar, practical interaction with wisdom from the perspective of three different generations, unlocks the secret to successful living. With 21 keys, the seminar addresses a bouquet of contemporary issues including; successfully climbing the corporate ladder while maintaining a personal life balance; adopting a paradigm which engenders sustained personal excellence as an employee; and being mindful of the brevity of life to create a sense of urgency, among others.  The seminar is designed to address corporate and individual issues beyond traditional frontiers



At the end of the programme, participants will:

  • Understand how to synchronise personal goals and vision with an organisation’s corporate values and objectives
  • Learn how to tackle the daily challenges of teamwork while building long term professional relationships
  • Discover their authentic self, through self-examination in enhancing effective leadership.


FOR WHOM: The seminar is designed for Top/ Senior management; Middle management; HR executives; those aspiring to leadership positions. The delivery will be modified to suit the needs of each group.



  • Getting Started – Preparation
  • Lessons from the Dark Room
  • Module One – Re-Examination
  • Unit 1: Self Re-Examination
  • Unit 2: Be Self-Aware
  • Unit 3: Learn To Begin Again
  • Unit 4: Give Up To Excel
  • Unit 5: Have a Sense of Urgency
  • Unit 6: Enrich Your Mind
  • Module Two – Restoration
  • Unit 1: Bounce Forward
  • Unit 2: Recognise Your Immense Wealth
  • Unit 3: Overcome the Blame Game
  • Module Three – Refocusing
  • Unit 1: Keep the End in Mind
  • Unit 2: Develop a Worthwhile Legacy
  • Unit 3: Challenge the Norm
  • Module Four – Releasing
  • Unit 1: Run a Horse Race
  • Unit 2: Partner with Your Employer
  • Unit 3: Dig Deep On Your Relationships
  • Unit 4: Lead Your Emotions
  • Unit 5: Gain Freedom to Elevate People
  • Unit 6: Give Feedback on Performance
  • Unit 7: Communicate To Unleash
  • Module Five – Renewing
  • Unit 1: Be Prepared
  • Fees: 105,000 (on-site), 37,500 (online – 7 hours per day)

Dates: 15th – 17th February 2021



february 15 (Monday) - 17 (Wednesday)

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Price ₦105,000.00

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Total Price ₦105,000.00

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