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The term business acumen is simply the art of linking an insightful assessment of the external business world with an understanding of how money can be made. Then stakeholders develop key strategies to deliver desired results. This intelligence provides great scope to make good business judgments and quick decisions that are ultimately profitable for your organisation.


No single aspect of managerial skill is more important. If the assessments and assumptions taken are inaccurate, your organisation’s strategic positioning is likely to be misplaced. The result is developing wrong capabilities, hiring unskilled people, entering into the wrong markets and focusing energy on non-profitable activities.





Mandatory for Managers at all levels; Operations mangers who recognize that they have some gaps in certain areas of business acumen such as finance and accounting, marketing, or strategic thinking.



At the end of the programme, participants will:

  • Establish and implement an organization’s strategy
  • Understand the key drivers of the value of a company
  • Understand how to read a company’s annual report and to use this information to monitor the company’s financial health.
  • Practice how to quickly form teams and develop leadership and teamwork to achieve generally agreed upon objectives
  • Understand the strategic function of marketing and improve a company’s customer focus
  • Set budgets to forecast and monitor a company’s cash flow
  • Understand the strategic and financial dimensions of making a “business case” for the long-term allocation of a company’s funds




Module One

The Economics of a Business

  • The goals of a firm
  • Key factors that affect the ability of a firm to reach these goals
  • How and why companies react when the economics of their business change
  • The importance of both internal efforts and external environment in dealing with the impact of changing economics
  • Cash studies of companies faced with changing economics


Module Two

Basic Elements of Finance and Accounting

  • Understanding the balance sheet, income statement and statement cash flows
  • Accrual vs. cash accounting


Module Three

Strategic Thinking and Planning

  • Definition of strategy and summary of different strategic approaches
  • Corporate strategy and the portfolio approach
  • Product Strategy and Porter’s “Cost Leadership vs. Differentiation” approach
  • Short cases and examples


Module Four

Essential Elements of Teamwork and Leadership

  • The model for team formation and effectiveness
  • Leadership styles


Module Five

Assessing the Financial Health of a Company

  • Computing and evaluating key financial ratios
  • The importance of the gross profit margin
  • The Return on Assets model and its key drivers
  • Measurement and importance of cash flow
  • Managing working capital
  • Making the business case for capital investment
  • Cost-volume-profit analysis


Module Six

Marketing Fundamentals

  • Marketing and the customer-centric organization
  • Marketing Mix or the “Four Ps”
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Segmentation and Targeting


Module Seven

Marketing (continued)

  • Creating customer value
  • Building brand equity


Module Eight

Team Building and Leadership

  • Review of the simulation experience:  team dynamics
  • Four stages of team formation and comparison with the simulation experience
  • Leadership styles and effectiveness
  • Self-assessment using the simulation experience


Fees: 70,000 (on-site),  25,000 (online – 7 hours per day)

Dates: 15th – 16th March, 2021



march 15 (Monday) - 16 (Tuesday)

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Price ₦70,000.00

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Total Price ₦70,000.00

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