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Organisations can harness their  vast  potentials  by  focussing  on commitment  of  every  employee  to  build of  staff  at  every  cadre  would  need  to  get  involved  in climate  that  is  geared  towards Topic s Covered getting enduring  teams the .  In  addition,  members creating  an  organizational turning  dysfunctional  groups  into  productive teams . The  Team Building  programme  is  designed  to  create  a  culture  of  receptivity where  staff  can  bond  into  teams  by  imbibing  the  organisation’s  core  values  across every  cadre.  The  programme  will  focus  on  building  lasting  legacies  through engendering  selflessness,  empathy ,  and  team  work. The  programme  will  focus  on  developing  the  skills  critical  to  a  successful  team effort  including  cooperation,  trust,  effective  communication,  commitment  and leadership  amongst  others.


Through  adventure  education  activities,  participants will  gain  a  greater awareness  of  the  group  process,  and  learn  skills  that,  when  taken  back  to  the workplace,  can  promote  healthier  relationships  both  internally  and  externally


Topics covered

  • Understanding the  concept  of team  building
  • Collaborating for  results
  • Communicating for  Team Effectiveness
  • Dealing with  Workplace Diversity
  • Sustaining Team  Work


Target Audience: Middle Management

Fees: 70,000 (on-site),  25,000 (online – 7 hours per day)

Dates: 24th – 25th May, 2021



may 24 (Monday) - 25 (Tuesday)

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Price ₦70,000.00

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Total Price ₦70,000.00

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