The ability to analyze, interpret and understand financial information is essential for successful management and leadership in challenging as well as normal times irrespective of the role any manager plays in the organization. For many managers, their organisation’s financial statements remain a mystery and this can unduly limit their ability to take strategic decisions that deliver value.

This highly interactive course has been designed to equip participants with a clear understanding of key finance concepts and related terminology. They will also learn how to interpret financial statements including the relationship among the various financial reports and associated ratios among others.

In addition, managers will gain knowledge in identifying early warning signals, a skill that is greatly required in the new normal.


At the end of the programme, participants will:
• Understand Finance and Accounting Terminologies.
• Gain a deeper insights to Accounting Standards.
• Learn the similarities and differences between Audited and Management Accounts.
• Understand the nature/structure of Financial Statements as well as analyse, understand and apply them for greater effectiveness in decision making.
• Appreciate the role of financial information in managing performance and its connection with organization strategy.
• Learn how to determine a fair and accurate representation of organisation’s financial position.


• Definitions & Legal/Regulatory Framework
• The Case for Financial Literacy
• Accounting Standards
• Audited Accounts
• Management Accounts
• The Financial Statements
• Analysing Company Performance
• The Operating Budget
• Financial Misstatement & Fraud
• The Statutory Auditor

Fees: 70,000 (on-site)  25,000 (online – 7 hours per day)

Dates: 15th – 16th March, 2021



“When  strategy  is  dreamt  up  at  the  top  of  an  organization  and  then cascaded  down,  a  gulf  of  understanding  and  ownership Business  Reporter,  UK It  is  obvious  that  the  biggest  challenge  for  today’s  organizations  is not  formulation  but  rather  strategy  implementation.  For organisations  to  be  successful  in  fast  moving,  rapidly  changing business  environment  and  remain  competitive,  the  organization needs  managers  that  are  able  to  think  and  execute  strategically. These  cadres  of  employees  need  to  understand  how  management systems  and  structures  are  capable  of  translating  strategic initiatives  of  their  organisation  to  actions  and  results. This  programme  will  assist  managers  in  developing  strategic thinking  skills  and  mastering  the  art  of  execution


Topics covered

  • The Business  Environment
  • Tools and  Techniques  for  Strategic Thinking
  • The Journey  from  Strategic  Thinking  to Strategic  Execution
  • Strategy Execution


Target Audience: Middle to Top Management

Fees: 70,000 (on-site),  25,000 (online – 7 hours per day)

Dates: 16th – 17th August, 2021


The  seminar  is  designed  to  help  organisations achieve a  buyin by  staff  into  the Vision/Mission  of  their  organisation  and ensure  that  management  and  employees  are aligned  to  stipulated  imperatives.  The  seminar (which  should  ideally be  in  form  of  a  retreat) will help  participants  understand  the importance  of  leadership,  teamwork  and Visioning  in  Change  Management



Topics covered

  • Review of  the  Vision/Mission  statement  of  the organisation
  • Importance of  Vision  sharing
  • Visioning process
  • Leadership issues  in  Visioning
  • Teamwork
  • Vision and  organisational  culture


Target Audience: Middle to Top Management

Fees: 105,000 (on-site),  37,500 (online – 7 hours per day)

Dates: 2nd – 4th August, 2021


The  programme  is  based  on  the  bestselling  training  module designed  by  The  Ken  Blanchard  Company.  The  programme brings  to  the  fore  the  key  behavioural  competencies  needed by  leaders  in  getting  results  But  beyond  the  drive  for  the bottom  line  in  most  organisations  is  the  need  for  leaders  to identify  their  authentic  self,  that  is,  uncovering  their  unique narrative.  This  notion  enables  leaders  in  producing  powerful aspirations  that  leads  to  seamless  collaboration  and  a  shared value  that  connects  to  the  organisations  strategic  imperatives: in  essence  recreating  the  bottom  line  to  accentuate  a  strong ownership  mindset,  inspired  by  authentic  leadership. This  programme  seeks  to  empower  leaders  in  uncovering their  narrative  and  assisting  them  in  getting  results through their  direct  reports


Topics covered

Foundation  of  Leadership Key  Points

  • Integrity
  • Partnership
  • Affirmation
  • Putting It  All  Together


Target Audience: Top / Senior  management; Middle  management;  HR executives;  those  aspiring  to leadership positions

Fees: 70,000 (on-site),  25,000 (online – 7 hours per day)

Dates: 5th – 6th July, 2021


It is  obvious  that  the  Management  of  most  organisations  recognize  the  fact that  a  significant  part  of  the  expected  level  of  performance  will  be  achieved by  building  the  capacity  of  employees  to  achieve  set  goals.  The  ability  of  staff to  inculcate  the  winning  attitude  is  recognized  as  highly  important  to  the process. The  Winning  Attitude incorporates The  Fish  philosophy  is  centred on the  Fish  Philosophy  and  Attitude  Virus. a  Fish  market  in Seattle,  USA, where  the workers  exhibit  exceptional  attitude  to  work  and  have  developed  a  culture that  has  assisted  them  to  become  world  famous.  Major  corporations  and business  enterprises  have  studied  the  operations  of  the  company  with  the objective  of  getting  an  insight  into  a  practical  model  for  sustained  positive work  culture. To  ensure  local  relevance,  we  have  developed  case  studies  depicting individuals  who  also  exhibit  exceptional  attitude  to  work  despite  challenging situations  in  order  to  portray  a  strong  perspective of  a  positive  work attitude,  beliefs  and  culture  that  will  give  participants  a  strong  desire  to  learn and  improve  their  performance. The  Attitude  Virus  explores  seven  types  of  attitude  virus  in  the  workplace and  proffers  solutions  for  tackling  them .


Topics covered

  • The Fish Philosophy video case  based on  4  principles  that  help  bring  out  the best  in  each  individual
  • Motivating others
  • Application of  principles  to  the organisation


Target Audience: All Staff

Fees: 70,000 (on-site),  25,000 (online – 7 hours per day)

Dates: 7th – 8th June, 2021


Organisations can harness their  vast  potentials  by  focussing  on commitment  of  every  employee  to  build of  staff  at  every  cadre  would  need  to  get  involved  in climate  that  is  geared  towards Topic s Covered getting enduring  teams the .  In  addition,  members creating  an  organizational turning  dysfunctional  groups  into  productive teams . The  Team Building  programme  is  designed  to  create  a  culture  of  receptivity where  staff  can  bond  into  teams  by  imbibing  the  organisation’s  core  values  across every  cadre.  The  programme  will  focus  on  building  lasting  legacies  through engendering  selflessness,  empathy ,  and  team  work. The  programme  will  focus  on  developing  the  skills  critical  to  a  successful  team effort  including  cooperation,  trust,  effective  communication,  commitment  and leadership  amongst  others.


Through  adventure  education  activities,  participants will  gain  a  greater awareness  of  the  group  process,  and  learn  skills  that,  when  taken  back  to  the workplace,  can  promote  healthier  relationships  both  internally  and  externally


Topics covered

  • Understanding the  concept  of team  building
  • Collaborating for  results
  • Communicating for  Team Effectiveness
  • Dealing with  Workplace Diversity
  • Sustaining Team  Work


Target Audience: Middle Management

Fees: 70,000 (on-site),  25,000 (online – 7 hours per day)

Dates: 24th – 25th May, 2021


Every growing organisation has a goal of developing managers to have requisite skills that will ensure the all-round development of those led. In actualizing this objective, there is the need to integrate into the learning and development initiative a tool/methodology in assisting managers/supervisors in harnessing the composite skills that unleash the latent potentials in their direct reports. This also entails partnering with the HR function (as primary drivers/promoters) in developing new hires and established employees in ‘leading future growth’. This programme can be done in phases, enabling the participants to integrate learning outcomes to their unique business space.


Topics Covered

  • Self-Management/Self-mastery
  • Leadership  Emotional Intelligence
  • Team Management
  • Performance Management
  • Innovation
  • Business Writing and Presentation Skills
  • Managing Meetings
  • Basic Finance and Budgeting
  • Perfecting the Art of Execution


Target Audience: Middle Management

Fees: 175,000 (on-site),  62,500 (online – 7 hours per day)

Dates: 10th – 14th May 2021





Given the increasing challenges of the economy coupled with attendant

pressures of work there is a high possibility of increased executive stress,

causing huge loss of man-hours if appropriate steps are not taken to develop

effective coping skills. The loss of man-hours is usually not just manifested as

people being absent from work, rather it is a condition of being present but

‘absent’, described by the euphemism – ‘ presenteeism’



At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the linkage of their total health- mental, emotional and

physical – to work excellence

  • Know the steps to effect lifestyle changes to improve their total health
  • Know what leadership and management changes they need to

implement to enhance personal and organisational health


Fees: 105,000 (on-site),  37,500 (online – 7 hours per day)

Dates: 26th – 28th April, 2021


At the end of the programme, participants will learn how:

  • To have a result based perspective in meeting the demands of today’s challenges
  • To enhance productivity within teams and enhanced commitment of organisational imperatives
  • To uncover their unique narrative and inspire collaborative action across the business


FOR WHOM: The seminar is designed for middle-level managers and supervisors. The delivery will be modified to suit the needs of each group.



Module I – Foundation of Leadership Key Points

  • Integrity
  • Leading with Integrity
  • Build trust
  • Be consistent



  • Build  relationship with your team
  • Share the big picture
  • The power of collaboration


  • Praise and appreciate people
  • Recognize others
  • Personal renewal


Putting It All Together

  • Engender participation and commitment
  • Direction
  • Win the respect and trust of your team


Module II – Gong Ho!

Unit 1: Gung Ho! Story

Unit 2: Spirit of the Squirrel Worksheet

Unit 3: Way of the Beaver Worksheet

Unit 4: Gift of the Goose


Fees: 70,000 (on-site),  25,000 (online – 7 hours per day)

Dates: 12th – 13th April 2021


At the end of the programme, participants will:

  • Be able to understand the pitfalls in various writing styles and identify an effective style for each communication need.
  • Know how to be creative in writing major documents for presentation.
  • Determine the effective ways of structuring presentations to engender expected action by positively influencing others.
  • Understand weak areas in written and oral communication and correct such


FOR WHOM: The seminar is designed for all staff involved in business writing and/or making business presentations. The delivery will be modified to suit the needs of each group.





Module one

  • Understanding forms of communication and relevance of writing
  • Developing appropriate writing style
  • Overcoming writing inertia


Module two

  • Writing internal correspondences
  • External correspondence, (layout, structuring and clarity)
  • Writing effective proposals



  • Preparing for presentations
  • Structuring a presentation
  • Delivery – content and timing
  • Handling difficult people during presentation
  • Effective voice usage, pitch, pause and pace
  • Use of visual aids
  • Relating effectively to the audience


Fees: 70,000 (on-site),  25,000 (online – 7 hours per day)


Dates: 29th – 30th March, 2021