The COVID-19 global health pandemic that swept across the world this year has left devastating effects in its wake, and yet it still not relenting as major economies in Europe and elsewhere are gearing up for a second phase lockdown due to a resurgence in infection rates and deaths.

The twin threats to lives and livelihood – two prominent features of the pandemic, has put business organizations in a dangerous “back-foot” position. Across various business sectors, huge revenue shortfalls have occurred leading to millions of job losses, and in some cases complete business obliteration.

For business organizations that are still standing after this “hurricane COVID”, it’s imperative to rethink business strategy in regards to operations management, customer engagement, etc. To this end, the integration of technology in business operations is no longer just “an option” to consider, but an imperative strategy for survival.

Essentially, most business organizations operate a three-way communication engagement model – engagement with staff/partners, customers, and stakeholders/community/regulatory agencies. The COVI-19 reality on ground has made it a major imperative for business organizations to re-evaluate, and optimize their internal and external communications, not just in terms of medium modifications but more importantly in terms of desired expectations rethinking and re-engineering.

Technology is so powerful and potent today, hence business organizations with the future in mind must begin to adopt and adapt it’s wide areas of applications to a new design thinking strategy aimed at communicating the organization’s desired perceptions and goals to the right audience in a way that they understand and eventually take full ownership of these goals and perceptions. This indeed is the greatest survival challenge facing business organizations today and the ability to navigate these byzantine corporate mine-fields can be likened to the “red sea challenge” – It’s either you walk or you drown.

At Wright & Co. Ltd, we have developed innovative business communication solutions for organizations aimed at providing perception clarity on their goals and values to the right audiences…. We will like to have further engagement with you – get in touch today for a free session interaction with our team.

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